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Stop Motion Video

Finally done with the video! I used Adobe Flash for the whole project, and is about 30 seconds long. Will upload the vid here soon once I figure how to do so.

Susanoo and Yamata no Orochi

The story board of my stop motion story is down below:


The story begins with two elderly couples crying by the riverside. They had to sacrifice their daughter to Orochi each year for the past seven years. It was the eighth year and they have to sacrifice their eighth and final daughter. Susanoo saw them and asked why were they crying. They explained their story to him and he thought for  moment. Finally, he decided to help them slay Orochi on the condition that he gets their daughter’s hand in marriage. He then went to search for the serpent and finally reached it’s resting place. They then battled and in the end Susanoo came out victorious.

Stahp Muhshun

Stop motion is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. 



Some examples of stop motion.

Definition shamelessly taken from Wikipedia

Stop Motion Story

The stop motion I’m doing is about the epic battle between the Japanese storm god Susanoo and the eight headed serpent Orochi. I want to use rough lines and forms to show motion because it gives a unstable and shifty feeling during the battle. The whole project will be done using claymation and a little bit of shadow casting too.

Yamata no Orochi and Susanoo

From Japanese Shinto mythology there was a giant serpent-dragon with eight heads and eight tails named Yamata no Orochi (八岐の大蛇) and a storm god named Susanoo (須佐之男).

When Susanoo was exiled from the heavens due to a dispute with his sister Amaterasu (天照), the Shinto goddess of Sun, he happened upon an elderly couple who were crying by the river. When asked why they were crying, they explained that every year for the past seven years, the serpent-dragon Orochi comes to devour one of their daughters, and this year they have to give up their eighth and final daughter.

Susanoo decides to save their daughter and fight Orochi under the condition that she marries him, to which the elderly couple accepts. Susanoo then transforms the daughter into a comb to safekeep her in his hair (Japanese mythology ftw). He then orders the parents to brew sake and refine it eight times. They must also build an enclosure with eight gates, each of which includes a vat of sake.

When the Orochi arrives, he is lured in towards the sake, and dips each of his heads into one of the vats. The drunken beast is now weakened and disoriented, allowing Susano to quickly slay it. As Susano cuts the monster into pieces, he uncovers a great sword that had grown inside the Orochi. This blade, the Kusanagi, is presented to Amaterasu as a gift to reconcile their dispute.

Yamata_no_Orochi_by_DysfunctionalDragons 2375

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